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The world is our oyster! Philanthropy Strategies Global Consulting is a mission-driven firm that has

provided in-depth, customized consulting services since 1999. We specialize in guiding funders to

maximize their philanthropy based on discovering what motivates them toward a more meaningful and

satisfactory way of giving. We help  Everyday Philanthropists  identify a clear path to their involvement

in social entrepreneurship that leads to transformative philanthropy, especially where there are no options

from their local community foundation. We also introduce  Everyday Philanthropists to opportunities

where they can invest in social entrepreneurship in other areas of the world. 

We will consider assignments around the world with

services that cater to the needs and interests of our

clients, with skills and knowledge to lend where we

can be most effective. Our strengths are centered in

work we have been doing for over 30 years through

organized philanthropy and a history as grantmakers

ourselves. Our areas of expertise include information

and communication technologies competencies; 

workforce and economic development; community

assessments; capacity building; business and social 

entrepreneurship. Our passion is centered on global

competence, education (including teacher training,

college readiness, K-20) and adult learning.  We

have been involved in training projects, biointensive

farming and community gardens, healthand community-

based wellness, social gerontology and aging, faith-based

initiatives, and technology - including alternative energy.

These are the areas we are passionate about and look

forward to finding like-minded people who seek

opportunities for collaborative and collective impact.

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At Philanthropy Strategies Global Consulting, we

understand what it means to be an effective donor,

whether large or small, in a globally-connected

world. Our team members have the capacity,

experience, expertise, skills and knowledge to help

Everyday Philanthropists realize their philanthropic

dreams by coming onboard at any stage of giving.

We offer highly personalized and customized services

to meet unique needs that help achieve philanthropic

goals. These are based on extensive insight gained

from first-hand experience working decades in and

around philanthropy, the Civil Sector and social

entrepreneurship. We enjoy sharing our knowledge

with the hope that it serves as a catalyst for positive


Our solutions include services and activities that help 

create, execute, manage and measure the philanthropic

plan of  Everyday Philanthropists. Our ​strength lies in

an ability to engage in either long-term or short-term

assignments for collective impact, learning and

improving community through project management

and communications. ​A long history of grantmaking

and community involvement provide us with the

experience to foster lasting philanthropy to benefit

people, communities and charitable causes. See  

how we work.......

Philanthropy Strategies Global Consulting services and

resources are geared toward helping people, business

enterprises and entrepreneurial ventures, foundations 

and groups who want guidance, accountability and

understanding to align their giving with their values and

interests. We do not provide legal or financial counsel. 

We manage philanthropic portfolios, working with donors

directly as well as in conjunction with their attorneys, 

financial advisors and other professionals handling legal

matters and investment ​portfolios. 

With a focus on philanthropy and a desire to work with

others to make things better, our work centers around 

tailored services to meet needs. This allows us to focus

on the minutae of effectiveness while our clients can

focus on an active philanthropic agenda, create a

legacy or become engaged in social entrepreneurship.

Learn how to ​work with us by exploring our site, or

contact us by sending us a note in the form below,
calling us or emailing us.

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A Mosaic of Solutions 

What makes a community successful?

   Who Are Everyday Philanthropists?

Everyday Philanthropists are ordinary people

wanting to lend a hand, leave a legacy or pass

on family values, change the world or just make

a difference by contributing to solutions. 

     *  They are individuals, families, businesses

and groups of people who want to disrupt the

status quo to address pressing issues and 

challenges their community, their neighbors or 

their homeland face.

     *  They are agents of change in their own

community or in the global community of mankind.

     *   They are men and women of all ages,

business owners and entrepreneurs, retirees,

celebrities and athletes who want to become 

engaged philanthropists to assure their donations

of  money, knowledge, time, talent, skills and voice have an impact.

Everyday Philanthropistsare people who want to

maximize their financial resources and other assets

such as business and professional contacts and acumen, relationships, and goodwill for a greater

good. This is where Philanthropy Strategies Global

Consulting is most effective; we aim to maximize 

the giving power of  Everyday Philanthropists to

achieve meaningful results with their philanthropy. 

We are successful in these endeavors by educating,

equipping and empowering our clients to achieve

their intended philanthropic outcomes.

Philanthropy Strategies Global Consulting team

members have done just that - they are multilingual

and have lived, worked and studied on six continents. 

They are able to share invaluable experience about

how to improve community. While our team members

come from diverse cultures, academic training and professional backgrounds, we are all bound by a

shared passion for solving the most difficult

philanthropic challenges and making an impact on

some of the world’s most pressing issues. We

believe there are many people out there just like

us, with the means and resources to make a


Drawing on the skills and knowledge base of 

seasoned professionals from a wide variety of life

experiences, we are able to  support a full spectrum 

of activities required for Everyday Philanthropists

to become effective funders. Through consulting,

research, grants management services, experiential

travel and training, we are able to offer an array of

services to help all types of people and groups of people consider or fine tune their philanthropic


Our specialty is civic sector research on the drivers

of change and community assessments that lead

to thoughtful, informed planning. With this kind of

background, funders can direct their resources in

the most effective ways and avoid some of the

pitfalls of organized philanthropy.

We also encourage future philanthropists by helping

create multi-generational giving plans to educate

children about generosity and giving back to learn

about issues and areas where they can have the

most value. This supports a long-term goal of

creating a culture of giving among Millenials and

other young adults when they become funders and

Everyday Philanthropists themselves. 

WE Help Everyday Philanthropists



and support to the causes they care most abouT 

​​​​​Empowering Everyday Philanthropists

Philanthropy Strategies Global Consulting

​​​​Our vision: an empowerment of Everyday Philanthropists  as agents of change by increasing their capacity to

effectively give their money, time, talent and voice toward impacting challenges. Our work helps them engage

in philanthropy that expresses their values, beliefs and interests while producing profound social impact. Our 

goal is to increase the growing league of heroes involved in social entrepreneurship.

Our services are structured to contribute experience, skills and leadership toward strengthening the giving power

of  Everyday Philanthropists. Visit our page on collective impact to learn more about the social entrepreneurship

movement, and our page on how we workto engage us in support of your philanthropic journey.

Field Offices:

Southern California (Ojai, Los Angeles, San Diego) 

Phoenix, Arizona

Rosarito, Baja California Mexico

Barcelona, Spain and Andorra

Administrative Offices:

9480 N.E. 2nd Ave,

Miami, FL 33138

Tel: +1 786 975-6149
Email:  info@philanthropystrategies.com




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Strategists for Collective Impact

    Wanting to help is not the same as

knowing how to help; likewise, having

the money to help is not the same as

knowing how to spend money in a

helpful way.   


Our Communications Department, Collective Impact Messaging, helps organizations maximize their impact and

the reach of their messages. We have extensive experience as Community Managers for the full range of social

media platforms, specialize in bilingual (English and Spanish) jard copy and digital communications.